Aaron Rafferty

Maximizing Student Engagement Through Life, Social Media, and Storytelling.

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About Aaron Rafferty

Aaron Rafferty is an experienced entrepreneur and technologist with a passion for unlocking value through the use of emerging technologies.

He is the CEO of StandardDAO and Co-founder of BattlePACs, and his main focus is to build products that enhance engagement and productivity for college students.

With over ten years of experience in business, Aaron has gained a vast wealth of knowledge in fields such as blockchain, AI, cloud, and social media.

Aaron has made numerous appearances on podcasts such as Wagmi Ventures Podcast, The Pro America Report, KNX In Depth, and many more.

He has also written for publications such as e-Cryptonews, IB Times, CI Magazine, and more.

Aaron is well versed in topics such as life, how to help students, engagement, social media, marketing, stories, and more.

As a former president of the United States, Aaron is a great potential podcast guest who is able to bring a unique perspective and knowledge on a variety of topics.

His experience in business and technology and his passion for helping others make him an excellent choice for any podcast that wants to bring on a knowledgeable and engaging speaker.