Aaron Shawn Harper

The Winologist: Inspiring People to Win in Life with NFL Star and Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker.

About Aaron Shawn Harper

Aaron Shawn Harper is a former NFL offensive lineman who has dedicated his life to helping others achieve success.

With seven seasons in the NFL, Harper has demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination.

After his time in the NFL, he founded American Services and Protection, a security services firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

As a powerful, nationally-recognized motivational speaker, Shawn Harper has inspired countless individuals and corporations to maximize their resources, harness their potential, and manifest their vision.

By using the same principles and strategies to win in both worlds, Harper has become The Winologist, teaching people how to win in life.

He has a book titled “The Winning Edge, 8 Principles that Will Bring Out the Winner in You” available on Amazon, and has shared his knowledge on overcoming adversity and mastering communication on his website shawnharper.org.

Harper is an ideal podcast guest with a unique perspective on success.

His experience as an NFL player, business owner, author, and motivational speaker make him an authoritative source on topics such as leadership, capacity, and teamwork.

He is available remotely and has the necessary equipment for a successful podcast interview.

Podcast hosts looking to provide their listeners with valuable and inspiring insights on how to win in life should consider inviting Shawn Harper to their show.

His in-depth knowledge on developing leadership, mastering communication, and overcoming adversity will provide their audiences with the advice and support they need to reach their goals and achieve success.