Adam Lewis

Experience Miura's precision-brewed, traditional, quality flash-chilled coffee - upgrade your coffee experience!

About Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis is a male from Toronto, Canada who loves business, wellness, mindfulness, and having a productive lifestyle.

With a background in business, entrepreneurship, life coaching, startups, and self-improvement, he is an ideal speaker for podcasts that cover a range of topics.

Adam is the owner of Miura Flash-Chilled Coffee, a company that specializes in brewing coffee with precision, tradition, and quality ingredients.

He is passionate about upgrading the coffee experience and his 7-step Flash Chilling brew method ensures delicious coffee.

His bag-in-box packaging makes pouring coffee as easy as the push of a button.

Adam has a LinkedIn profile ( and a website ( that feature his expertise and knowledge.

He is available for remote podcasts on weekdays and has the equipment, including a built-in microphone and webcam, to make a great podcast guest.

Adam Lewis is the perfect podcast guest for topics related to business, wellness, mindfulness, self-improvement, and food.

His experience with Miura Flash-Chilled Coffee and his passion for upgrading the coffee experience make him an ideal speaker for podcasts that are looking to discuss the art and science of coffee making.

He is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker and would be a great addition to any podcast.