Alan Stevens

"Unlock the secrets of successful relationships: I help you read people for business, social and personal success."

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About Alan Stevens

Alan Stevens is an International Profiling and Communications Specialist with experience helping a variety of high-profile organizations and businesses to better understand and engage their clients and prospects.

Alan has worked with Disney Films, Gillette, the Australian Federal Police and the Tax Office to help them maximize their potential.

He is also the creator of The Campfire Project, a safe place for men and women to tell their stories, share experiences and wisdom from around the world.

Alan's expertise with communication and relationships could make him a great podcast guest.

He has an in-depth understanding of how relationships work in both the business and personal sector, and could provide valuable insight on how to build and maintain strong relationships.

Alan speaks English and is available for remote podcast interviews on both weekdays and weekends.

His knowledge and experience are sure to make him a great addition to any podcast.