Alex Greenwood

Expert in PR, Crisis Communication, Writing, Publishing and Podcasting - Nationally Recognized.

About Alex Greenwood

Alex Greenwood is an award-winning writer, public relations consultant, podcaster, speaker, and former journalist with an impressive range of expertise.

He is nationally recognized for his insight and experience in public relations, crisis communications, podcasting, publishing, and writing.

Alex has made hundreds of appearances on TV, radio, podcasts, webinars, and conferences, and the author of the Amazon Top-Selling eBook, audiobook, and paperback, The Podcast Option.

He is also the host\/producer of the Mysterious Goings On podcast and the PR After Hours podcast.

Alex enjoys a laid-back discussion, and is known for his communication style on various topics.

Alex Greenwood is an ideal podcast guest due to his extensive experience in a variety of topics, easy-going conversational style and wealth of knowledge.

His impressive portfolio and engaging presence make him an excellent choice for any podcast looking to have a knowledgeable and entertaining guest.