Alex Minor

Award-winning filmmaker and media specialist: strategist, Youtuber, podcaster and TV news expert.

About Alex Minor

Alex Minor is an award-winning filmmaker, video marketing strategist, YouTube creator, and podcaster with a long history in TV news, live events, and music.

Based in Orlando, he speaks fluent English and uses a range of disciplines to create content that communicates client's core values and increases their awareness and sales.

He is the Chief Creative Officer at Eye AM Media, where he serves as a detective, collaborator, and advocate for his clients.

Alex Minor brings a unique set of experiences to the podcasting world.

His vast knowledge and expertise in video marketing, TV & Film, music, entrepreneurship, and business make him an ideal podcast guest.

Alex's high-quality studio microphone and webcam further enhance his ability to provide an engaging guest appearance.

Alex is available for both weekends and weekdays and can provide a remote format for his podcast appearances.