Alex Rudnicka

"Unlock your potential and reach your goals with my life & mindset coaching for entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals."

About Alex Rudnicka

Alex Rudnicka is a life and mindset coach for entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals based in London, United Kingdom.

She is a multilingual speaker who is passionate about helping people get out of their own way so they can finally thrive.

She has an interesting story of transformation from washing up glasses in her first job, to building herself up and eventually pursuing her dream of working for herself.

She is well-versed in topics related to mindset, confidence, emotional resilience, and other topics related to human potential.

Alex is an experienced podcast guest and has been featured on many shows.

She is an interesting and engaging speaker who cares deeply about making sure her interviews are relevant and interesting for the audience.

Alex would make a great podcast guest because of her inspiring story of transformation, her knowledge of topics related to human potential, and her passion for engaging with the audience.

She is an experienced and compelling speaker that will leave your audience inspired and ready to take action.