Alexandra Dotcheva

Achieve holistic success: Classical violinist, registered nurse, investor, martial artist, health enthusiast, and author.

About Alexandra Dotcheva

Alexandra Dotcheva is an accomplished speaker with a unique background.

She is a classical violinist with a Doctorate in Music from Louisiana State University, a registered nurse, investor, martial artist, health freak, and published author.

Alexandra came to the United States in 2000 and has been a member of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra since 2006.

Her nursing experience includes ICU, orthopedic trauma, and home care.

Her academic and clinical performance earned her the John Trzeciak Award in 2010 and the Stella Sroka Award for Excellence in Cardiac Nursing and the Esther G.

McCarty Memorial Scholarship in 2011 upon graduation.

In 2014, Alexandra began her investing career with a focus on rental real estate and later, on options trading.

She is currently a full-time home care nurse and owner of three real estate businesses.

Her passion for health, martial arts, fitness, and financial independence, as well as her experience with the challenges of cultural integration, inspired her to write the book “It Really Is Simple: A Holistic Approach to Self-Confidence – A Practical Guide”.

Alexandra is a great potential podcast guest, as she has an inspiring story of overcoming a twenty-year-long history of low self-esteem and poor self-confidence.

With her expertise in holistic life, nursing, investing, martial arts, health, fitness, and financial independence, she can provide valuable insights to listeners.

Alexandra is fluent in English and is available for remote interviews during weekdays.

She is equipped with a USB/External Microphone and webcam.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced guest for your podcast, Alexandra Dotcheva is a great choice.

As a successful holistic-life advocate, her journey to success is sure to inspire many others to pursue their dreams, in spite of fear and insecurity.