Alexandra Gilbert

"Empowering others to embrace themselves and use their disabilities as their superpower - that's me!"

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About Alexandra Gilbert

Alexandra Gilbert is an experienced professional in leadership development who has recently started her own consulting and coaching business, Cape-Able Consulting LLC.

With a career focused on helping adults with learning disabilities and/or ADHD, Alexandra is passionate about helping her clients navigate their day-to-day workloads so that they feel supported and reach their highest potential.

Alexandra has a wide range of interests, including business, entrepreneurship, mental health, life coaching, self-improvement, learning disabilities, parenting, careers, and more.

She is an energetic and great conversationalist, able to provide insightful advice on embracing who you are and seeing disabilities as a superpower.

Alexandra is equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam, and is available for remote podcast appearances on weekdays.

Alexandra Gilbert is the perfect podcast guest for those looking to discuss topics such as leadership development, embracing disabilities, mental health, life coaching, and more.

With her extensive knowledge and experience in the field, she brings an enthusiastic and uplifting energy to each conversation.

Alexandra is sure to provide your podcast audience with inspiring advice on how to reach their highest potential and be the best version of themselves.