Alexia Melocchi

Self Made Hollywood Producer, published author and celebrated speaker on all things Hollywood and being a female CEO.

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About Alexia Melocchi

Alexia is an accomplished entertainment industry professional with a long proven track record of success within both the domestic and international arenas.

A vital contributor to the LITTLE STUDIO FILMS brand, published author and Hollywood producer of globally successful films she currently uses her professional relationships and expertise to champion and consult storytellers and be a guide for navigating Show Business through her book "An Insiders Secret: Mastering the Hollywood Path", her podcast "The Heart of Show Business" and by invite only masterminds.

A regular participant at most major Film and Television markets as well as Festivals around the world, Alexia Melocchi is fluent in French, Greek, Italian and Spanish and is also an Advisory Board Member of the Italian Television Film Festival, the US platform ECOFLIX and the Hane Saga Storytelling Conference .

She is frequently invited as an expert Panelist on the Global Entertainment Industry including two consecutive CANNES FILM FESTIVAL panels (hosted by the PGA and the Producers Network) and WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENT.

Melocchi also gives webinars on the International Film Industry and writes monthly blogs on STAGE 32.