Amanda Hanson

"From personal pain to trailblazing success: Unlocking the power of resilience with Max."

About Amanda Hanson

Amanda Hanson is a trailblazing woman, wife, and mother from Los Angeles, United States.

She has a passion for helping people improve and empower themselves through education, life coaching, self-improvement, parenting, relationships, sexuality, and fitness.

Amanda speaks English fluently and is well-equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam for podcast appearances.

She is available for guest appearances during weekdays.

Amanda has a unique perspective on how to keep relationships strong and healthy.

Her secret to success is that the woman, wife, mother and trailblazer she is today was created through intense personal pain.

With her extensive knowledge in the topics of relationships, intimacy, and outdated societal norms, she is an excellent potential podcast guest that will speak to the audience in a powerful way.