Amelia Zachry

"Overcoming Obstacles with Strength: Hear Author of Enough - A Memoir of Mistakes, Mania, and Motherhood."

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About Amelia Zachry

Amelia Zachry is an author, speaker and mental health advocate based in Lexington-Fayette, United States.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in bipolar disorder, trauma, relationships, parenting and self-development, Amelia is an engaging and inspiring presence.

Amelia has recently released her memoir, Enough – A Memoir of Mistakes, Mania, and Motherhood, which documents her chaotic and magical life.

From her manic and depressive states of bipolar to her experience of surviving sexual assault, Amelia speaks openly and honestly about her life-long struggles and how she has found a sense of peace.

Amelia is passionate about pushing the conversation forward around mental health and removing the stigmas around rape victims.

Her experiences, combined with her enthusiasm and willingness to speak, make her a great potential podcast guest.

With her frank and honest insights, she can provide unique perspectives on topics such as life with bipolar disorder, treatment barriers in mental health, relationship struggles, self-development, parenting with PTSD and bipolar and her journey as an author.

If you’re looking for an insightful and informative podcast guest to discuss mental health, trauma and relationships, look no further than Amelia Zachry.

Her story of resilience and hope is sure to be an inspiring and thought-provoking conversation for your audience.