Amy Conway-Hatcher

"Practical, creative, strategic, and realistic: your go-to storyteller & career mom for the unvarnished truth about working women."

About Amy Conway-Hatcher

Amy Conway-Hatcher is an experienced advocate, lawyer, and former federal prosecutor from Washington, D.


She speaks English fluently and is highly knowledgeable in a variety of areas such as arts, business, government, kids & family, society & culture, sports, and true crime.

She is passionate about driving change and advocating for equality, feminism, and justice.

Her career has been highlighted by her ability to manage 24/7 crises, climbing to the upper echelons of Big Law, and sacrificing family for career.

After much success in her career, she chose to leave her high-paying equity partner job and reclaim her life and honor her kids.

She wrote the book Infinitely More to shine a light on systemic workplace inequities that hold women back and wear them down.

Today, Amy is a partner in a boutique law firm specializing in complex legal problems and serves as the first woman Special Counsel to the Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure for the District of Columbia.

She also works as an author, speaker, and mom of teens.

She has the necessary equipment and is available weekdays and weekends.

Amy Conway-Hatcher is the perfect podcast guest for any podcast looking to discuss topics regarding business, marketing, personal brand, law, feminism, equality, and volleyball.

She is a great storyteller and career mom who is practical, creative, strategic, and realistic, and she is more than happy to share her unvarnished "real deal" experiences with working women.

With her unique experiences, knowledge, and story-telling, she would be a great potential podcast guest to add to your lineup.