Amy Parsons

"Unlocking the power of beauty, I'm a female entrepreneur redefining the industry."

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About Amy Parsons

Amy Parsons is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur passionate about changing the beauty business game.

Hailing from Denver, United States, Amy speaks English fluently and is well-versed in a variety of fields, including fashion & beauty, design, food, and entrepreneurship.

She is well-equipped with a built-in-microphone and webcam, and is available on weekdays for either in-person or remote formats.

Amy is the founder of Mozzafiato, a company bringing Italy's immersive and cultural retail experience to the world.

She founded the company during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, and it is a great way to support Italy during this difficult time.

Amy is a female entrepreneur breaking the chain and creating a shift in the beauty industry.

Amy would make an excellent podcast guest due to her vast experience and knowledge in the beauty industry, her unique approach to entrepreneurship, and her story of creating a successful business during challenging times.

She has a unique perspective that can inspire listeners and provide them with valuable insights.