Amy Rose Herrick

Maximize Your Profits with America's Profit Building Specialist and Best Selling Author, "Life-Do-Over" After 50 Success Story!

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About Amy Rose Herrick

Amy Rose Herrick is an experienced financial expert, speaker, best-selling author, educator, and personal income tax professional.

As America's Profit Building Specialist, she uses her Secret Profits™ systems to help entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide increase their profitability in as little as 15 minutes.

She has a proven track record of saving businesses time and money, and helping them increase their bottom lines without having to make more sales, change locations, add employees, or invest in costly inventory.

On top of her business acumen, Amy is also an author who shares her inspiring story in her #1 Amazon Best Seller entitled “Pack Faith First, Suitcase second: A Decade of Miracles After 50”, where she details her remarkable "life-do-over" moving from the midwestern US to a small Caribbean Island with a family of six and only five pallets of possessions.

Amy is an excellent podcast guest, as she offers a wealth of knowledge in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, and management, and can offer her inspiring story of starting over after 50 and the miracles she experienced.

With her incredible wealth of experience and expertise, she can offer unique and valuable advice to listeners in all areas of business.

If you're looking for a knowledgeable and inspiring guest to bring to your podcast, then Amy Rose Herrick is your best bet.

Contact her today and learn more about her Secret Profits™ systems, as well as her inspiring story of starting over after 50.