Amy White

Maximize your energy, fight cravings, improve sleep, and reduce your waistline with the aging status quo.

About Amy White

Amy White is a board certified holistic nutritionist and functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner who is passionate about helping those who want more than the unhealthy status quo achieve optimal body function and a healthy body weight.

Amy has developed a 3 step process for her clients to achieve their health goals and live a balanced life without a dieting mindset.

With her expertise in nutrition, Amy can provide valuable insight about how to embrace the healthiest self and develop a sense of grit and trust.

Amy has a wealth of knowledge to share about healthy eating, nutrition, self-improvement, and life coaching.

She has been featured in multiple publications and has her own website and LinkedIn profile.

She is available to be a remote guest on weekends and weekdays, and is equipped with USB/External Microphone and Webcam.

Amy White is a great potential podcast guest that could provide valuable insight on the journey to optimal health.

Her experience and expertise can help listeners understand how to go from Hangry to Healthy™ and gain a sense of commitment, curiosity, and creativity in the pursuit of their health goals.