Andrew Calderella

Best Selling Author and Philosopher: Experience the Rocky Story, Think & Grow Rich and The Celestine Prophecy with Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Entrepreneur and CEO.

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About Andrew Calderella

Andrew C. is an inspirational speaker, trainer, and coach with a compelling blend of experiences and knowledge.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1966, he is a fighter for civil rights and has overcome dyslexia, other learning disabilities, and being legally blind in one eye.

His life is a combination of The Rocky Story, Think and Grow Rich, and The Celestine Prophecy on steroids.

Andrew has lived overseas, traveled the world, is a martial artist, yogi, and health and fitness fanatic.

He is a serial entrepreneur and has run a successful strategic consulting firm for over 20 years and is the creator of The 7th Foundation, The One Show, The One Tribe, One Movement, One Party.

He is the best-selling author of The Way, 7 Revolutionary Steps to Living a Meaningful Life & Making a Real Difference in the World.

Andrew is well-equipped for any podcast with his USB/External Microphone, Webcam, and availability for both in-person and remote interviews.

He is passionate, knowledgeable, and entertaining with his wide range of experiences and stories that will motivate and inspire your audience.

His topics range from The Greatest Problems Facing Humanity & The Solutions to Peace/War, Division, Race, Inequality, Prejudice, Bullying, Hate, Happiness, Media/Fake News, Voting, Free Speech, Pandemic/Covid, Abortion, Guns, Justice/Policing, Homelessness, Poverty, Wealth, Power, Fame, Corruption, Leadership-Government-Economic & Business Issues, Internet & Social Media, World & Life Care, Gardening/Landscaping, Love/Friendship & Relationships, Children & Family, Learning Disabilities & The Gifted, Books, Writing & Publishing, Education & Skill Training, The Primary Goal of Life & How to Achieve It, Success vs.

True Success, Why We Are Here, Religion/God, Our Primary Purpose & The Meaning of Life, Core Values, How to Be Healthy, Fit & Master The Art of Life, Time, Ritual, Your Routine, Gamification, Longevity, Life Tasks, Sleep, Training/Education (Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit), Self-Care, Fuels (Light, Air, Water, Food, Information), Self Defense, Stopping Negative Thinking, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts & Addiction, Peacefully Force Positive Change, Why Violence Will Never Lead to Lasting Peace.

Andrew Calderella is the perfect podcast guest.

With his amazing life story, best-selling book, and deep understanding of the greatest problems facing humanity and the solutions, he can provide your audience with inspiring and meaningful content.

Packed with incredible stories and solutions, Andrew is the perfect choice for any show looking for an open, passionate, knowledgeable, fascinating, and entertaining guest.