Andrew Miller

"Measuring success beyond the bottom line: Unlocking a new definition of success in business."

EntrepreneurshipSelf-ImprovementMental Health
About Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller is an award-winning business coach, multiple author and international speaker who is passionate about changing the way that success in business is measured to something that is more than just money.

With a unique background as an insolvency practitioner, Andrew's expertise lies in helping business owners who have lost or are losing their business, to deal with the emotional stress that comes with it.

His aim is to make business enjoyable for everyone, regardless of the level of success.

With fluency in English and a vast array of interests ranging from business to education and health & fitness, Andrew is a great potential podcast guest.

He is equipped with a USB/External Microphone and webcam and is available for both weekdays and weekends.

He is also available for remote guest format.

Andrew Miller is the perfect choice for any podcast looking to discuss business, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, mental health and the importance of making business enjoyable.