Andrew Myers

Expert Video Advertiser, Serial Entrepreneur, Paratrooper, "Mr. Wrong House" - and beyond.

About Andrew Myers

Andrew Myers is a serial entrepreneur, highly experienced video advertising professional, and former paratrooper.

With over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, and video production, Andrew is an expert in creating succinct, powerful sales language that works.

Andrew founded What’s Next Media, a nationally recognized custom video studio focused on the Automotive Industry, before it was purchased by an automotive advertising company.

He then built a video-centric ad agency, teaching clients how to create simple video content for use in various social media platforms.

Andrew has a passion for helping entrepreneurs build a system for their brand’s prospects where they are consistently seeing the right ad, served at the right time, with the right messaging to influence that prospect in their buyer's path.

Andrew Myers is the perfect podcast guest to discuss topics such as sales, marketing, video production, and the automotive industry.

His years of experience and knowledge make him an invaluable asset to any podcast.

With his ability to craft powerful, effective sales messages and his expert insight into video content, Andrew will be sure to provide an engaging, informative interview that your listeners will not forget.