Anjl Rodee

"Unlock your creative potential with Professional Artist & Comic, Max - inspiring minds around the world!"

About Anjl Rodee

Anjl Rodee is a professional artist and comic who is passionate about teaching people around the world the importance of creativity.

She began her business in 2014, when she heard of the Paint and Sip phenomenon and has since gone on to teach workshops for companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Twitter.

Anjl's business, BrushCapades, is incredibly successful due to her dedication to making art feel accessible and attainable for everyone.

Anjl has a unique ability to combine humor and creativity to create a truly enjoyable and transformative experience for her students.

Her expertise and knowledge make her an ideal candidate for your podcast.

With her, you can expect to discuss the importance of creativity, how to pivot to our new virtual reality, the importance of humor in the workplace, and how improv saved her business.

She is available both weekdays and weekends and is equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam.

Let Anjl bring her passion, expertise, and humor to your podcast.

With her as a guest, you can be sure to deliver an informative and engaging experience to your listeners.