Anmol Singh

Stock market investor and trader, angel investor in 32 startups, author of "Prepping for Success", founder of

About Anmol Singh

Anmol Singh is a highly experienced stock market trader and investor.

He is the founder of LiveTraders, a platform where he has coached and trained over 1000+ traders and investors.

His expertise in trading psychology has helped thousands of traders worldwide by helping them manage the psychological and behavioural issues associated with high stakes trading.

Anmol is also an author, having published his book Prepping for Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life, and an angel investor, funding start-up companies and maintaining a real estate portfolio.

Anmol has a broad range of knowledge and experience in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, investing, success and productivity, and relationships, which makes him a great potential podcast guest.

His in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for these topics make him passionate about sharing his insights and experiences and engaging with the podcast audience.

He is also willing to talk about topics outside of his area of expertise and is open to free flowing conversations.

Furthermore, Anmol is prepared to share the shows on his social media channels to help promote the podcast.