Anna Berger

Max 30 words: Unlock the power of the subconscious mind with Subconscious Mind Recoding Specialist.

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About Anna Berger

Anna Berger is a Subconscious Mind Recoding Specialist, CEO of Quantum Mind Academy, and international bestseller author of Escape Your Matrix: How to Master the Game of Life.

Anna has built a quarter billion dollar company from scratch, and has equipped herself with the knowledge and experience to provide effective and permanent recoding of minds.

Anna specializes in teaching people how to change their own subconscious programming through self-hypnosis and conscious communication in a language that the subconscious understands.

She helps people go from chasing goals to attracting them, and from being busy to being productive.

Anna Berger would be a great potential podcast guest as she has an impressive background in business, education, health and fitness, religion and spirituality, and more.

With her expertise in subconscious mind recoding and her mission to recode 10,000 minds, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that would be a valuable addition to any podcast.

Her ability to provide effective tools to help people become their own mind re-coder and shift their identity makes her an ideal candidate for a podcast guest.