Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

Transform your career and become a sought-after leader: Unlock your full potential without overworking, people-pleasing or compromising.

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About Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

Asia Bribiesca-Hedin is a leadership and career development expert, passionate about helping professionals become influential and confident sought-after leaders without resorting to overworking, people-pleasing, or selling their souls.

Her background includes a degree in business from USC followed by a career in management consulting with a global Big 4 consulting firm.

She now runs her own firm, Bridgewell Professional Services, which provides leadership development and strategy execution services.

Asia is an expert in advising leaders on how to mobilize their teams to deliver on key priorities.

She has extensive experience in career-limiting mistakes that even good leaders make, and is a great resource for teaching how to handle criticism with poise, grace, and confidence.

Asia can also teach how to grow leadership effectiveness without overworking, people-pleasing, or compromising values.

She is available for both weekend and weekday podcast recordings and can provide studio-quality microphone and webcam equipment.

The topics she covers include career-limiting mistakes, handling criticism, growing leadership effectiveness, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and confidence.

She is flexible and willing to customize her topics to suit the focus and audience of the podcast.

Asia is an ideal podcast guest for anyone interested in leadership and career development.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and is passionate about helping professionals become more effective and confident leaders.

Her down-to-earth, relatable style makes her a great conversationalist and her enthusiasm and energy will bring life to any podcast.