Barbara J Hunt

Forgiveness expert and musician, helping you free your heart and create global peace.

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About Barbara J Hunt

Barbara J Hunt is a renowned Forgiveness Specialist, author, coach, workshop/retreat leader, musician and global peace visionary.

With a background in mental and emotional wellbeing, she is passionate about the superpower of forgiveness and how it can transform the quality of all relationships, inner wellbeing and physical health.

Barbara has a deep understanding of what forgiveness is, why it is so hard, and how to go about it using her simple seven-step Forgiveness Made Easy process.

Barbara is a highly experienced and knowledgeable speaker, with a fascinating background.

She has an MBA from the University of Bath and an MA in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy from Metanoia Institute.

Barbara is well-versed in her field, having been featured on numerous podcasts and in publications around the world, including BBC Radio, Huffington Post and various magazines.

Barbara J Hunt is the ideal guest for any podcast looking to explore forgiveness and the power of transforming relationships, inner wellbeing and physical health.

With a unique background in mental and emotional wellbeing, Barbara shares her wisdom and expertise in a powerful and inspiring way.

Her engaging and dynamic style of speaking will bring a wealth of knowledge to your podcast.