Ben Currier

Maximizing success with MS Excel and embracing failure: Owner at Excel Exposure and Host of the Failure Guy podcast.

About Ben Currier

Ben Currier is an experienced entrepreneur, speaker and podcast host from Denver, United States.

Ben is the owner and founder of Excel Exposure, a company that has been providing free and paid online Microsoft Excel training for more than a decade.

He is also the host of the Failure Guy podcast, where he is the self-proclaimed World's #1 Failure.

Ben speaks fluently in English and is comfortable speaking in both in-person and remote formats.

He is also equipped with webcam and studio quality microphone.

Ben is the perfect podcast guest to talk about business, entrepreneurship, courses, self-improvement, and how-tos.

He brings a unique perspective on how failures can be a necessary stepping-stone to success.

With his experience and expertise, Ben can provide valuable insights to any podcast audience.

His passion and enthusiasm make him an engaging and entertaining guest.

He is available for interviews both during weekdays and weekends.