Ben Johnson

"Your choices have the power to reclaim your health - let me help you reclaim yours!"

About Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker and advocate for mindful living.

With a background in technology and an impressive passion for the power of food, movement, environment, and community to change our lives, Ben is an inspiring and motivating speaker.

Ben is a certified nutrition consultant and is committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle in order to successfully overcome debilitating autoimmune diseases.

Ben has a strong presence on LinkedIn and his website showcases his powerful message.

He is available for both in-person and remote appearances and is equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam.

Ben is a great potential podcast guest as he is passionate about spreading his message of the power of mindful living and how to reclaim our health.

He has an inspiring story and valuable tips to share with listeners, making him a unique and impactful podcast guest.