Bhairav Patel

"Listen to Atom Ventures podcast, where host Max interviews inspiring entrepreneurs and business innovators."

About Bhairav Patel

Bhairav Patel is an experienced entrepreneur and technology expert, originally from the United Kingdom and living in London.

With a law degree and over 20 years of experience living in places like Norway, India, Thailand, Portugal, Ireland, and Lithuania, Bhairav has become a tech expert and CTO of several FinTech and E-commerce businesses.

Additionally, Bhairav started Atom Ventures in 2017 in order to help small businesses and startups.

Bhairav is a curious type, evidenced by his Atom Ventures podcast ( where he interviews a range of guests from chefs and journalists to investors and entrepreneurs, anyone with an interesting story to tell.

Bhairav is a generalist, not a specialist, and though he doesn’t have expertise in one specific area, he has seen and done enough to have an opinion on most topics.

Bhairav would be a great potential podcast guest due to his extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise in business and technology.

With his podcast, Atom Ventures, he has demonstrated an enthusiasm for interviewing interesting people and his lawyer background gives him a unique perspective when it comes to interviews.

As an entrepreneur and CTO of multiple businesses, he is well equipped to discuss a variety of topics and provide valuable insight.