Bill+Kristen Noel

"Helping moms find heart-centered solutions to save time, money, and heartache during divorce - Intuitive Divorce Coaches."

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About Bill+Kristen Noel

Bill Miles and Kristen Noel are Intuitive Divorce Coaches with a mission to help heart-centered mothers save time, money, and heartache for both themselves and their kids during divorce.

With many years of experience in navigating their own challenging divorces and raising young children, they use their unique knowledge to create the Best Self Intuitive Divorce Coaching program.

Bill and Kristen are also the founders of Best Self Media and Best Self Magazine, a leading voice for holistic health and conscious living.

With their combined expertise, they help mothers take control of their divorce, communicate and support their children during this difficult time, and care for and nurture themselves.

They also discuss topics such as the power of intuition during divorce, common mistakes mothers make during divorce, how to deal with a high conflict divorce or a narcissistic or abusive partner, and more.

Their goal is to help women step back into their power and reclaim the best outcomes for themselves and their kids.

Bill and Kristen are available together or Kristen is available individually, and they both have access to a studio quality microphone and webcam.

They are available for remote booking on both weekdays and weekends.

Bill Miles and Kristen Noel would be an incredible addition to any podcast that is looking for expert advice on divorce, parenting, self-improvement, mental health, and relationships.

With their extensive knowledge and personal expertise, they offer valuable insight into the challenges of divorce and how to best navigate it to come out on the other side with the best outcome.