Bobby Machado

Dynamic online presence mentor helping business owners, entrepreneurs and artists succeed.

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About Bobby Machado

Bobby Machado is a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketer based in Phoenix, USA.

He is the founder and lead strategist at Signa Marketing and CEO at Sector 7 Apps.

Bobby is an experienced business owner and digital marketer, having worked as a freelance web developer and a paid media specialist managing a $300,000 Google Ad spend for several auto dealerships in the United States.

His journey in the digital world began when he taught himself how to code websites in high school.

Bobby’s expertise in digital marketing and data is a great asset to any podcast.

He currently hosts a show called “Blueprint” on Signa Marketing, where he answers user-submitted questions on how to market their business online.

With his strong analytical and creative skills, as well as a passion for business, Bobby is sure to bring great insights and advice for podcast listeners.

Bobby is an excellent potential guest for podcasts and can provide real-time answers to business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists who have questions about building their online presence.

He has the perfect combination of experience, expertise, and knowledge in digital marketing, making him a great addition to any podcast.