Brad Mewhort

"Men: Courageously Break the Cycle of Male-on-Male Violence and Begin Healing."

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About Brad Mewhort

Brad Mewhort is a male author, coach and facilitator who is passionate about helping men heal from violence and finding peace within themselves.

His book, The Peaceful Man: Heal Within Yourself the Personal Effects and Historic Patterns of Male-on-Male Violence, offers readers a journey of healing from the personal and historic impacts of violence.

Brad's mission is to prevent male-on-male violence and end physical bullying.

Through his own experience of being bullied as a teenager and his journey of healing, Brad understands the importance of bringing male-on-male violence out of the shadows and into the light.

He has received extensive training and holds certifications in developmental coaching, somatic practices, group facilitation, and transformative change.

Brad believes that men healing from violence and finding peace within themselves are keys to enabling humanity and all of life on earth to flourish.

Brad has the experience, expertise, and knowledge necessary to be a great potential podcast guest.

With his ability to bring out of the shadows and into the light how much violence men experience and how traumatized many men are both by having committed violence and by being victimized by violence, he offers the audience an understanding of the prevalence of male-on-male violence that goes beyond gang members and war veterans.

He also introduces men to paths to deep healing after encounters with violence by sharing stories with a great listener (generally a healing professional), through somatic (body-based) practices and awareness, and via contemplative practices of compassion and forgiveness.

Brad's book, The Peaceful Man, and his teachings can help men become aware of how they have been affected by male-on-male violence and their own violence impulses, and invite compassion for all of those who have been victims of violence and all of those who have committed violence.

So if your podcast audience is looking for a powerful storyteller to help understand the prevalence of male-on-male violence, and the importance of healing from these experiences, Brad Mewhort is an excellent choice of guest.

His knowledge, experience, and expertise can truly help your audience understand the root causes of male-on-male violence and offer a path to healing.