Brenda Miller

Tame kid-chaos, work woes, and classroom clashes with 100 easy stress-busting tips!

About Brenda Miller

Brenda Miller is an author, founder of The Kid Code 30 Second Parenting Strategies, and passionate educator based in Calgary, Canada.

She has dedicated her life to helping others discover the long forgotten whisper of wellbeing and grace through her books, online courses, and blog.

Brenda has taught conscious conflict resolution in six countries and her five books share insight on how to dissolve stress, anger, and grumpiness in 30 seconds.

Her most recent book, ‘Grumpy to Grateful, Grow Your Grey Matter,’ is a great resource for those looking to find more joy in their lives.

Offering her expertise on parenting, education, and self-improvement, Brenda is a great potential guest for any podcast looking for someone to share her knowledge and experiences.

With her unique background and insight, her presence can make any podcast stand out from the pack.

Her goal is to help people of all ages create harmony instead of hollering and hostility, and she has the tools and strategies to support this.

Her pitch, “Learn 100 ways to dissolve stress\u2014in 30 seconds\u2014when kid-chaos, work woes, or classroom clashes overtake you!”, is a unique approach that can be a great addition to any podcast.