Brian Grimes

Brian Grimes: Self-made Multi-Millionaire Investor, Coach, Lecturer & Content Creator.

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About Brian Grimes

Brian Grimes is a self-made multi-millionaire real estate investor, coach, lecturer and content creator based in New York City, USA.

He is the founder and instructor of 24/7 Cash Flow University, a course created to teach students how to purchase, renovate and stabilize rental property portfolios.

Through his 100 Key$ Master Class, Brian teaches students how to full-gut renovate, acquire, and stabilize cash flowing rental property portfolios.

Most 100 Key$ Master Class students that implement Brian’s strategies are able to retire themselves from their day jobs within 36-48 months.

Brian is a Certified Financial Planner with a degree from Columbia College.

He has extensive experience in the financial planning and asset management industries, having worked for AXA Advisors and Bridgewater Advisors.

He is also a featured speaker, appearing in interviews and lectures such as “How to Build Neighborhoods AND Wealth by Remodeling Rentals” and “Real Estate Investing with @grimesestate”.

Brian is a great potential podcast guest due to his vast experience and expertise in the real estate industry.

His 100 Key$ Master Class has proven to be successful in helping students create passive income in a short amount of time.

With his eagerness to help others succeed, Brian is the perfect guest to discuss real estate investing, personal finance, building wealth and how to make your dreams a reality.