Brian Reitz

A Millennial Digital Native: 8+ yrs Digital Marketing & Standup Comedy Host of "How Cool Is This?" NYC.

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About Brian Reitz

Brian Reitz is a Millennial and Digital Native with over 8 years of experience in digital marketing and standup comedy.

He is currently the marketing manager at YouGov, an international data firm specializing in market research and public polling.

Brian's background is in B2B marketing and business development in adtech, social media, and entertainment, with a strong focus on SEO, content, and journalism.

In addition to his professional career, Brian is also a standup comedian in New York City, and co-hosts the podcast "How Cool Is This?" – a five-minute podcast that features new ideas and talks about what makes them cool (or not).

Brian is also available to talk about addiction and digital detoxing, as well as his decision to become sober.

Thanks to Brian's extensive experience and his deep involvement in the entertainment industry and business, he is an ideal podcast guest.

With an in-depth knowledge of marketing, technology, business, comedy, and a unique perspective on sobriety and digital detoxing, Brian has the perfect combination of expertise to be a great podcast guest.

His passion for his work and his enthusiasm for the topics he covers make him an engaging speaker, and his commitment to content makes him a valuable asset to any podcast.