Brooke Dukes

"Discover how to overcome the inner struggle of perfectionism, stress, and burnout with Max."

About Brooke Dukes

Brooke Dukes is an experienced executive coach and speaker with 20 years of knowledge in the corporate world.

She has held positions as a CEO, Chief Sales Officer, President, and Master Trainer, working with women in the C-suite, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Brooke has also worked with Fortune 100 companies such as United Airlines, Arbonne, EDS, Lear, Isagenix, and Homepoint.

Brooke is an expert in corporate culture, communication, leadership development, and strategic planning.

She helps her clients and teams upgrade their habits, patterns, and performance to get new results in their life and career.

She has a BS from Michigan State University and is a mother of two successful young adults.

Brooke’s expertise is in helping women identify the parts of their lives that are holding them back from reaching their goals.

She addresses common concerns such as balancing responsibilities, fear of failure, finding and trusting one’s voice, confidence, aligning and influencing others, becoming a member of the C-Suite, asking for a raise, and overcoming perfectionism.

Brooke is the perfect podcast guest for those looking to explore the idea of “success” and how to achieve it, as well as the idea of creating a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling.

With her extensive experience and knowledge, Brooke can help listeners identify parts of their life that are holding them back, and provide guidance on how to overcome their challenges and create the life they want to live.