Calvin Schwartz

"Calvin: Podcaster, Journalist, Author, Professor, Basketballer, Vegetarian, Comedian & Environmentalist!"

About Calvin Schwartz

Calvin Schwartz is an experienced and knowledgeable journalist, author, professor, and podcaster.

He is currently a journalist for Njdiscover, the co-host of a local cable TV talk show in central Jersey, and an advisor for the Women's Health Institute at Rutgers RWJ Medical School.

He recently authored his second novel, There's A Tortoise in My Hair; A Journey to Spirit.

He also teaches a class in Career Exploration at Rutgers University, and has started a series of global podcast interviews, Conversations with Calvin; We the SpecIEs, focusing on diversity of content, people, and careers.

He is also part of the Climate Optimists global group of environmentalists.

Calvin is passionate about arts, business, comedy, fiction, food and drink, health and fitness, and female health and lifestyle.

He is equipped with built in microphone and webcam and is available on weekdays and weekends.

He is open to remote guest formats.

Calvin Schwartz is an excellent potential podcast guest.

His expertise and knowledge in journalism, health, business, and the environment are invaluable.

His experience as a podcaster, professor, author, and advisor makes him a great addition to any podcast.

His enthusiasm for a variety of topics brings a unique perspective to conversations that will be sure to captivate audiences.