Carisa Cole Sharrett

"Empowering families of children with disabilities and special needs to live life to its fullest."

About Carisa Cole Sharrett

Carisa Cole Sharrett is a passionate advocate for empowering families of children with disabilities or other special needs.

She is the founder and CEO of Bravely Intentional Life, certified Parent & Caregiver Coach, and creator of the Empowering Mom Blueprint program.

With a Masters of Education in Special Education degree from the University of Phoenix, a current K-12 Special Education teaching certification, and 8 years experience in both public and charter education systems, Carisa has the knowledge and experience to provide invaluable insight into the unique challenges faced by families navigating disabilities or other special needs.

Carisa is also the legal guardian of an adult son with autism and intellectual disability.

This gives her a unique perspective as she relates her personal story and shares her own resilience quotient with listeners.

Her podcast topics include Behind the Scenes: My life as Mom, caregiver, advocate, and legal guardian for my son with disabilities; Empowering Ability: How to best support kids/students with disabilities in pursuing independence and reaching their full potential; My Resilience Quotient: The twists and turns in life that made me the woman I am today; Becoming Bravely Intentional: My life transformation story and why I chose to help others transform their lives; and Empowered Mom Blueprint: Overview of my cutting edge program for moms of children with disabilities or other special needs.

Carisa Cole Sharrett is the ideal podcast guest for any show looking to explore the topic of supporting families of children with disabilities or other special needs.

Her unique perspective and knowledge make her the perfect candidate to provide valuable insight into this important subject.

Her personal story and experiences make her an engaging guest who will captivate her audience.

Book Carisa for your next podcast to provide a powerful and inspiring message of hope and resilience.