Carl Berryman

Equip men with the tools to be their best selves: 70% of divorces start with women and 80% of suicides are men.

About Carl Berryman

Carl Berryman is a Personal Trainer from Winnipeg, Canada with over 10+ years of experience.

He is a male speaker who speaks English fluently and is available for weekdays.

He has expertise in Education, Health & Fitness, Male Health & Lifestyle, Society & Culture, Entrepreneurship, and Relationships.

He is equipped with USB/External Microphone, allowing him to be available for remote podcast sessions.

Carl is passionate about helping people build stronger, healthier relationships, minds, and souls, the same way they would train and nourish their bodies for a healthier lifestyle.

After a 3-month separation from the love of his life, Carl was inspired to create a program to help people build healthier relationships and lives.

With his experience and knowledge, Carl is a great potential podcast guest to discuss his transformative program and how it can help others.