Carrie-Lynn Hotson

Maximizing Engagement: Author and HR Specialist, Helping Businesses Understand Staff Dynamics.

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About Carrie-Lynn Hotson

Carrie-Lynn Hotson is an experienced HR specialist, senior manager, facilitator, coach, and mediator based in Canada.

With over 25 years of experience in HR, Carrie-Lynn is the author of the book, Knowing Who You Lead, which provides readers with 20 lessons on how to better identify their leadership style and understand how it impacts others.

She shares her expertise through her business Inspiring Organizational Growth, providing one-on-one coaching, training and facilitation services, and mediation services.

Carrie-Lynn has surveyed more than 400 individuals to discuss and understand what makes an effective leader, and the results of this survey have been integrated into her book.

She is passionate about teaching and coaching leaders and teams on how to better engage in tough conversations, and get to the root of issues impacting their success.

Carrie-Lynn Hotson is an excellent potential podcast guest, with her knowledge, experience and expertise in HR, leadership and organizational growth.

She is an engaging and articulate speaker who can provide valuable insight to your audience.

With her book, Knowing Who You Lead, as well as her survey and research, she can offer practical advice and valuable insight into understanding and managing personnel issues.

Invite Carrie-Lynn to be a guest on your podcast and allow your listeners to benefit from her knowledge and experience.