Carson Quinn

Public Relations Executive helping startup founders reach their potential. Reach out to Carson at [email protected].

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About Carson Quinn

Carson Quinn is an experienced Public Relations Executive and a passionate advocate for female-founders and their companies.

She has over 8 years of professional experience in PR, business, and e-commerce.

With a Bachelor's degree in communications from the University of Texas at Austin, Carson is an expert in media relations, digital marketing, and public speaking.

Carson is available for both weekend and weekday engagements and is equipped with a USB/External Microphone and webcam for remote interviews.

Her interests include business, entrepreneurship, startups, female health and lifestyle, and business news.

She speaks fluent English and is an enthusiastic podcast guest.

Carson is a great potential podcast guest due to her extensive expertise in public relations, business, and e-commerce.

Her knowledge of the media and public speaking make her an ideal candidate for any podcast that focuses on business, startups, and female health and lifestyle.

Connect with Carson at [email protected] to book her for your podcast.