Cary Prejean

Dynamic radio host and business consultant with strong communication skills and experience.

About Cary Prejean

Cary Prejean is an experienced and knowledgeable business consultant and CPA with over 30 years of experience.

As an Ontological Coach, he utilizes a unique philosophy to help businesses become systems-driven rather than people-dependent, resulting in improved operational efficiency and morale.

Cary’s clients get a thorough understanding of financial dashboards, timely financial statements and internal controls, while also building and documenting systems to ensure desired results.

Cary is articulate, well-spoken, and has experience as a radio host and guest.

Cary Prejean would make an excellent podcast guest due to his extensive knowledge and experience as a business consultant.

His unique philosophy is sure to provide insightful and valuable advice to any business-oriented podcast.

His years of experience as a radio host and guest make him well-suited for any audio format.

His articulate speaking style and warm personality will make him a great listener favorite.