Cassandra Shuck

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About Cassandra Shuck

Cassandra Shuck is an experienced Shaman, spiritual counselor and business mentor with a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Studies and a Ph.


Candidate in Spiritual Counseling.

She has had the honor to mentor cross-culturally within the traditions of Peruvian, Colombian, Siberian, Hawaiian and Mexican shamanism.

She combines her training in Shamanism, plant medicine, herbalism, spiritual counseling, higher consciousness, psychology, yoga asana, vibrational healing, NLP, Reiki and hypnosis to help her clients become whole and healed.

Cassandra has a strong entrepreneurial background, having started and grown multiple successful businesses such as Aligned Social, Tola Marketing + Creative and Milkin’ Cookie.

She has also worked with some of the largest companies including Volkswagen, Audi,, FrontPoint, Wells Fargo and NASCAR.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Healthline, Thrive Global, LA Times and AdAge.

Cassandra’s mission is to empower her clients to turn their pasts into the exact reasons they find fulfillment and success.

She has an engaging style and a contagious enthusiasm, and she’s passionate about helping her clients reach a higher consciousness and get out of their minds.

With her vast knowledge and expertise, Cassandra Shuck is the perfect podcast guest to discuss topics such as religion and spirituality, entrepreneurship, life coaching, self-improvement, and business.

She is able to provide unique insights on these topics and has the ability to engage her audience with her innovative set of tools.

With her studio quality microphone and webcam, she is perfectly equipped to be a great podcast guest.

Let Cassandra Shuck be your next podcast guest and have her raise the consciousness of your audience.

She is available on Weekends and Weekdays, both in-person and remotely.

Book her now and let her help you get out of your mind!