Chet Sisk

"Unlock the future with me: I'm a Futurist helping your audience navigatethriving and succeeding in our ever-changing world."

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About Chet Sisk

Chet Sisk is a highly experienced Futurist, inspirational speaker, author, and transformation management consultant with expertise in helping organizations and individuals thrive and succeed in a time of massive change.

He has an impressive background, having spoken at the United Nations in 2015 and 2017, and presented in almost 30 different countries.

He is a trained journalist from the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale School of Journalism and a Fellow of Management Studies with the Walter Kaitz Foundation.

Chet has written several books, and his most recent being You and the New Normal.

He has a unique ability to find the opportunities that come with the shifts of climate change, technological evolution and social disruption.

He offers a 7 step process to prepare for the future and is an expert in helping audiences understand and navigate the most dynamic years they will experience in their lifetime.

Chet Sisk is an excellent potential podcast guest and will bring immense value to your audience.

He has the knowledge and experience to provide the insight and understanding of our changing world, and the optimism to help everyone realize that they can decide what the future holds.