Chris Mahan

Small business owners: Reclaim your sanity, relationships and life with me!

About Chris Mahan

Chris Mahan is an experienced Marketing Strategist & Business Development Specialist, ordained pastor and a suicide survivor.

He is passionate about helping small business owners achieve success and significant annual profits, freeing them from financial adversity and its mental and physical health-damaging effects.

Chris is dedicated to helping them fall asleep at night knowing that their businesses are going to provide the income they need, not only to provide for their families but also the families of their employees.

Chris has had considerable success in the ministry, growing three congregations by 38%, 42% and 242%.

He has also started two businesses, the first one helping small businesses with their social media presence, websites, content writing, marketing and more; and the second one offering life and business coaching through proprietary software that allows him to take any business and run it through 495 algorithmic sequences to create a populated roadmap for business growth.

As a podcast speaker, Chris brings hope to small business owners who are experiencing supply chain interruptions, lack of qualified people in the workforce, rising interest rates and runaway inflation.

He is committed to helping them generate more leads, convert more leads into loyal customers and increase their profitability.

He also provides training, encouragement and accountability for their success.

Chris is the perfect podcast guest for any business-focused show, bringing with him not only a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but also a personal story of resilience and hope.

His passion and dedication to helping small business owners succeed will be a great addition to any podcast, and his mission to save marriages, build stronger parent/child bonds and even save lives will be an inspiring message for listeners.