Christina Carlson

Queer and ex-religious human enthusiast helping people validate their own existence.

About Christina Carlson

Christina Carlson (She/They) is an experienced Life and Embodiment coach, Speaker, Facilitator, and the Host of the podcast Bitches, Witches, and Queers.

With a Bachelor's in Theology, Christina has dedicated many hours to continuing education in intra and interpersonal relationships.

They are certified through Beautiful You Coaching Academy in Australia, and The Devoted Energy Coaching School In South Carolina.

Christina's mission is to help those who have had to hide their messiness to belong, supporting them to create lives with internal safety, community, belonging, and confidence.

They specialize in teaching people to accept their whole selves with compassion, helping them reclaim the parts of themselves that they have been taught to reject, and supporting them to discover the power of their own energy and honor their unique magic.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Christina Carlson is an ideal podcast guest.

With a natural ability to connect and engage with an audience, Christina is sure to bring a unique perspective to any podcast.

Their infectious energy and passion for life coaching and personal development are sure to make them a great fit for any podcast looking to bring on an informative and engaging guest.