Christine Handy

Dynamic Interviewer With Big Stories and Tools to Transform Lives.

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About Christine Handy

Christine Handy is an experienced professional with a diverse background and expertise.

She is best-selling author of Walk Beside Me, a Motivational Speaker, Model, Humanitarian, Mentor, Mother, writer, and student at Harvard, where she is getting her Masters Degree in Creative Writing and Literature.

Christine is also a board member of two non-profits: eBeauty and People of Purpose.

With her broad interests in the Arts, Education, Health & Fitness, and Religion & Spirituality, Christine is well-equipped to bring a unique and important perspective to any podcast.

Her knowledge and experience with self-improvement, mental health, and Christianity make her a great potential guest for any discussion-based podcast.

She has a built-in microphone and webcam, and is available for both in-person and remote appearances on weekdays and weekends.

Christine is passionate about interviews and has a big story to tell.

She has great wisdom and tools to equip wide audiences with the power to change their lives.

Her enthusiasm for discussion and her diverse background make her an ideal podcast guest.