Christopher Lind

Navigating family, faith, and career with digital-first boldness: HR executive, author, husband, and father.

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About Christopher Lind

Christopher Lind is a bold, digital-first HR executive, author, husband, and father that has spent a career navigating family, faith, career, and technology.

He has a unique background of growing up as the son of two funeral director parents with an acumen for business, people, and technology.

Professionally, Christopher has worked with industry providers and business leaders, being directly accountable for outcomes, and founded an industry advisory company that advises both technology and corporate enterprises on the growth and development of their employees and the technology required to accomplish that.

He has created a livestream and podcast called Learning Tech Talks and is soon launching his book, \"Relentless Intention | The Power of Purpose.\" Christopher has a wealth of knowledge to share from his unique experiences and stories and is proficient in English.

He is especially interested in topics like Education, Technology, Business, Kids & Family, Religion & Spirituality, Artificial Intelligence and Tech News.

He has access to studio quality microphone and webcam for remote recordings and is available during weekdays.

Christopher Lind is the perfect podcast guest for any conversation related to family, faith, career, and technology.

His wealth of knowledge and experience, combined with his passion for helping others and dedication to continuously learning, make him an ideal guest to have on any podcast.

His unique background and expertise allow him to dive deep into topics and provide valuable insights and a fascinating perspective.