Christy Kiltz

Maximizing business success through web design: I'm here to help coaches reach their goals.

About Christy Kiltz

Christy Kiltz is a highly experienced and knowledgeable business consultant and web developer based in Medford, United States.

She has been helping business owners with web design, hosting, and maintenance since 2001, always maintaining a focus on providing a full service and empowering her clients.

Christy and her team now coordinate the solutions needed to help businesses grow through their White Glove Growth program.

Christy is a passionate business leader and has a great desire to see businesses succeed.

She is a true partner, always available to help them accomplish their online goals.

Outside of her work, Christy loves the great outdoors, camping, hiking, and any kind of water.

Her favorite activities include gardening, getting away with her husband into the beautiful mountains of Southern Oregon, or taking a drive out to the coast.

Christy Kiltz is an excellent potential podcast guest with her extensive background in business and technology, as well as her passion for helping others succeed.

With her impressive understanding of web development, customer experience, marketing, sales, and UI/UX, she can bring meaningful insights to any podcast.

Her built in microphone and webcam mean that she is well equipped to participate in remote podcast interviews.