Cindy Gersch

Award-winning entrepreneur, determined survivor of rare disease & two brain aneurysms.

About Cindy Gersch

Cindy Gersch is an award-winning entrepreneur and professional speaker from Atlanta, United States.

Cindy’s inspiring story of determination and aspiration is one of a kind.

After she was diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal arterial disease in 2018, Cindy refused to let her disease define her and hold her back.

Despite facing chronic pain, two brain aneurysms, the loss of her job, and the departure of many of her friends, she has persevered and achieved success as an entrepreneur and an advocate for rare diseases.

Cindy is a great potential podcast guest.

She is passionate about sharing her story of determination and resilience to motivate others to overcome their own obstacles.

In addition to her inspiring story, Cindy is a knowledgeable expert in branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, fundraising, and non-profit work.

She has the unique ability to bring both her personal experience and professional expertise to the table.

With her strong background and powerful message, Cindy is sure to be a successful podcast guest.