Corby Stephens

Dynamic speaker passionate about serving you and your audience with a talent for listening and captivating conversation.

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About Corby Stephens

Corby Stephens is a late-40s husband, father of two grown sons, and a professional in the IT field and pastoral ministry.

With extensive experience in teaching, performance, and production, Corby brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

He has a passion for speaking about a variety of topics such as Christianity, technology, comedy, marriage and parenting, living with chronic illnesses, movies, church and ministry life, and music.

Corby has the capability to be a great podcast guest due to his 20+ years of experience in production, interviews, and performance.

He is also in pre-production with two podcasts and is looking to start a side-hustle producing podcasts for others and creating an online course to teach others how to produce themselves.

He is located in Kalama, WA, which is about 45 minutes north of Portland, OR.

With his vast knowledge in a range of topics and experience in production and performing, Corby Stephens is a great addition to any podcast.

With his passion for listening and contributing to conversations, he is sure to bring an interesting and unique perspective to any show.