Craig Gray

Unlock your true potential with my powerful approach to Living: confidence-building skills to protect, communicate & lead.

About Craig Gray

Craig Gray is an experienced speaker, Krav Maga instructor, conflict communication expert, and former bodyguard.

He is the founder of the PeaceWalker program and Protector Lifestyle community, where he helps to equip “Average Joes” with the simple methods of protecting themselves and their loved ones from harm.

Craig has a unique approach to Living and shares his Skills to better protect yourself, communicate, and lead, giving you the confidence to do anything else.

With his experience and expertise, Craig would make a great guest on any podcast.

He has the necessary equipment to participate remotely and is available on weekdays.

His knowledge and understanding of self-improvement, health and fitness, how-to, and business management make him a valuable guest that can share valuable insights with listeners.